Do you have a vacancy that is difficult to fill or have you just received an extra assignment, but a shortage of staff? Happy Match relieves companies by sending suitable staff who support you when it is needed.
Are certificates, education or training required for your temporary worker? Happy Match would of course not be a Happy Match if we did not arrange this. This also belongs to our service package. This way you can focus on the core business of your organization.

Recruitment & Selection

When recruiting and selecting, we will look for that one candidate for that one (difficult) vacancy. Our selection procedure is known for its personal approach where both client and candidate are central. In a first meeting we would like to get to know you and your company better to get a good idea of ​​your wishes and needs.
On the basis of this profile, one of our Happy recruiters will work for you to find the right candidate who has the skills and competencies you require.


In addition to our employment service, Happy Match also offers the secondment of staff. With this service, the employee is employed by Happy Match, but he or she works for different clients for a specific period. Are you looking for scarce staff or do you expect a large assignment for which your staff is short? Secondment can then be your solution.

In this way you as an employer can cope with the peaks and troughs of your company without having the burden of being a legal employer. Happy Match ensures that the employee receives his fixed salary every month and provides coaching & guidance where it is necessary. Your employees also benefit from varied work, but with the certainty of a permanent employer.